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Our story began with a dream to cultivate 200 acres along the Little Red River into a lively

and adventurous environment for the Searcy community.

Tucked away in the beautiful landscape of Arkansas, Riverbend invites

people from all walks of life to learn, explore, and fellowship with one

another. An oasis for travelers and a safe haven for our community,

Riverbend is a place for all people.

Passionate about sustainability, here at Riverbend, we believe that

themost influential sustainable act is to invest in the lives of our

children. We hope to inspire and grow their creativity, discovery, and knowledge for the great outdoors. 

Riverbend Park’s story now lies in the hands of Searcy’s children,

families, and friends from afar. We want their experience at Riverbend

to inspire moments of joyous adventure for generations to come.

- Little Red Marina


"Riverbend offers our family endless learning opportunities. As a homeschool mom, I bring my kids

here two times a week to go on nature walks and explore the Creative Canopies."

Bethany Rhodes | Searcy, Arkansas

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